Yearly Mandatory Training for Nurses in the UK

August 20, 2019

Yearly mandatory training for nurses in the UK

In the UK (England) hospitals and healthcare facilities have made yearly skills training mandatory for nurses andhealthcare workers. Many other countries are looking at the British standards of health care and trying to follow suit. The Care Certificate is a set of standards, health, and social care workers must strive to adhere to during their daily working hours. The Care Certificate was specifically designed with the non-regulated workforce in mind. The certificate helps those working in thehealthcare field gain the same level of knowledge, learn to provide the ultimate compassion, and keep the safety and integrity of their patients at thetop of the priority list. The Care Certificate should give a sense ofconfidence and trust that their health care providers will have the same introductory skills, knowledge, and tools to provide high-quality, effectivecare, and support. From emotional support, general understanding the nature of the field, to personal development, the certificate is geared to help allparties involved. Meaning not only the healthcare worker, but also the patient,and the organization they are employed under.


The Care Certificate is based on 15standards. Failure to complete each measure will result in the individual not receiving their certificate. Upon completion, each criterion should be implemented in the workforce and practiced regularly. See the 15 standards on the list below.

  • Understand your role
  • Your personal development
  • Duty of care
  • Equality and diversity
  • Work in a person-centered way
  • Communication
  • Privacy and dignity
  • Fluids and nutrition
  • Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disability
  • Safeguarding adults
  • SafeguardingChildren
  • Basic Life Support
  • Health and Safety
  • Handling information
  • Infection prevention and control

Mandatory training in England

How has the UK paved the way for better health care? One requirement is necessary yearly training for their nurses. The training was developed to better meet the needs of patients in the health care sector. While regulated workers like doctors, nurses, social workers, and occupational therapists have similar training in their line of work, it’s not  required for them to complete the Care Certificate program. Don’t think regulated workers are off the hook; they also go through intense yearly training to further enhance their education and gain more professional skills as their careers progress.

What professions require the Care Certificate?

Like we mentioned above, not all healthcare workers must obtain the Care Certificate. However health care roles that require the certificate may include but are not limited to: Nursing Assistants,Therapy Assistants, Assistant Practitioner, Speech or Occupational Therapy Assistant, Day Care Assistant, Day Care Officer, Nursing Assistant, Home CareWorker, or Senior Home Care Worker.

Why is yearly training critical

Continuing education for anyone working in the healthcare field is crucial to ensure patients are receiving the best possible care. The continued education is also put in place to help not only the nurses, but also the employers, patients, and helps to advance the profession as a whole. The role of professional training is to improve necessary skills, stay up to date on any new treatment methods, and can even help those in the health care sector advance in their careers. Annual training also gives employees a higher level of confidence while performing their tasks, enabling their quality of work and dedication to quality patient care to rise. Ensuring all nurses and healthcare workers have similar skills and knowledge allows for fewer mistakes at work and help to eliminate any weak links on the staff.

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